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My name is Anthony O Ryan
I live, surf and shape boards at Cabarita Beach in New South Wales
I’ve been surfing for more than 40 years
I’m a goofyfoot surfer that has been shaping
and making boards for over 20 years
I like to surf at Caba and the surrounding surf spots of northern New South Wales
I build custom surfboards only. Custom length, width, thickness
and rocker all individually tailored to each person’s needs.
The board page on this site is only a small representation
of what I am able to build.
Presently I’m happy to continue the traditional
handcraft way of building surfboards. I shape, glass
and sand every single board that comes through
and I stand behind my work. I use only the best
quality materials available. I am able to make a
quality product at a reasonable cost because no work is outsourced .
I am the hands behind Sublime Surfboards.