Old School Trifin

This Old School Trifin is 6'1" by 19 7/8" by 2 1/2"  deep single concave and is designed as a fish alternative for those small weak days when you need a board to get up and go under it's own steam , very fast, very fun and easy to ride. I would recommend this board to anyone [...]

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Shorter , wider, flatter

Currently we are seeing a trend towards  boards that  are generally shorter , thicker, wider, with  lower entry rockers but combining them with deeper concaves. The one pictured below is 6'0" by 19 1/4" by  2  3/8". This board is designed for   1 to 4 foot for the average surfer. Generally you will find these boards [...]

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The TriQuarter explained

Within the last two years we have seen the emergence of the five fin set up. The big question is why five fins? Basically this setup  can act as a more versatile board allowing one to change from the basic thruster deal to the quad setup. It gives the rider who is unsure about quads [...]

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